Thursday, June 09, 2005

Damn this a long ass blog

A shout out to those I haven't worked with in so long, like Ms. Eldon and Ms. Dodge and Mr. Ayers. Live forever.

Didi my email's down and it's the time of week that I work 24 hours within a 36 hour period. Hence my silence. We gotta talk man, I'm making plans. I'm gonna be moving to Ft. Lauderdale by 7/1 I hope. I'll tell you more when my email's back up.


didi said...

lo que tu quieras.

tenemos que hablar de varias cosas.....

estoy my embuyada con el radio, el reading y el crucero.

la proxima edicion tenemos que concentrarnos mucho.


LKD said...

A shout out right back atcha, little brother.

How be ye?

I've missed reading you, KZ. Your poetry's like Ashbery's--when I read it, I can feel my brain growing new cells, new synapses.

David said...


i'm still trying to figure out what kind of job requires you to work 24 hrs in a 36 hr period. whatever it is, i hope it pays well.


Kemel Zaldivar said...

Laurel, wow.

David I work as a drug counselor at a homeless shelter for kids. The odd hours are the byproduct of my topologically-challenged supervisors.