Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pris with a dash of buddhism

(meant as a small gift to Pris).


didi said...

Jack - what a beautiful gift.

Pris said...

I just found this post and it is indeed a beautiful gift. Over the now almost six years that I've been writing poetry my style has been constantly changing and yes, Denial, was written earlier. One of the biggest changes I see in what I write is tied in with the development of courage. In my earlier writing, I still worried about what others would think. I censored myself a lot. I also had a lot to learn. Now, I write what I want to write and 'so be it', is the feeling I have.

The tie-ins to Buddhism throughout the post resonate.

Thanks again

anders said...

Your writing from older stuff to now shows very fast development. You need to keep writing because at that rate of growth there's no telling how high you'll go. Don't forget your parachute.