Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Making Of Eve (PRIS)

Spewed out of God's Sixth Day WIDE
open post utero mouth, these zygotes,
twin embryos, now grown, one buried
inside the other, tumblefall into Eden.

History's first birth defect.

That story about the rib?
History's first cover-up.

Nixon, listen up.
God's buds did it, too!

No woman to ride side saddle
for long, Eve sharpens overgrown
nails, aliens her way free
through Adam's wimpy chest.
She flirts with the serpent,
finishes off the apple and tosses
Adam the worm and the core.

Original sin. What fun, she trills.

With a shake of her fuck-me frizzled
hair and one hand lifting an,
as yet uncarressed breast, she takes up
with a horny caveman. Their two dozen
mix-breeded children scope uncountable
later debates about Origins,
birth control, and the true
author of the Kama Sutra.


Rae Pater said...

Hi Pris,

I love this:
That story about the rib?
History's first cover-up.

In the line 'as yet male uncarressed breast' I'd take 'male' out because it made me think the breast belonged to a male, so got a bit confused there.
I don't think you need to say it was uncarressed by a male specifically. Just uncarressed would probably do.

I love the humour. You do that so well in your poems.

Pris said...

thanks, rae
good suggestion!

Michael Parker said...

Hooray! It's the post-modern retelling of Eve! The emancipation in Eden's Garden. Cleverly witty. Ingenious.

jenni said...

This is so funny!

I love the last stanza--karma sutra--LOL!

very good, pris.

Pris said...

Thanks Jenn and Michael
I had fun writing this. I wonder what Clarence Darrow would make of it?:-)