Friday, June 24, 2005

The Making of Eve (david)

by Anna Graham

A vehement fig, ok?
A geek tome, VHF-in
Heaven keg-motif--
Fat, meek, given oh,
Nag (evoke them if
He tag five men, ok?)
Gat knee five ohm,
A fee hen, GMT, IV, KO
(EEG met a VHF ikon)
Gamete five honk,
Fake even got him
Taken, gem-hive of
Meat, fen, keg, Oh, IV--
Heavie f gment, ok?


keros said...

I think you need an "i" in fgment.
to complete this poem.

Mr. Pants said...

would a space suffice?
the 'i' has been used.

David said...

yeah, i used the i

but a space!
a space would be perfect, thanks.


arewestillmarried said...

you write beautiful code