Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Making of Eve (RC)

God almighty wearing whitie tighties
dashed into Ribs & More
and said, “Self, that’s a good idea!”

so back he went to his lab
and started making Eve,
the breasts gave him a lot of trouble,

the vagina, that was the pits,
so many decisions, inner and outer lips,
at first he opted for inner lips only

but that didn’t seem right,
he stuck his finger in there to double check,
no, no, better go with outer lips, too,

he put his mind to them,
yes, yes, that’s much better.
Next, he went to work on the clitoris,

connecting all its nerve endings
to all the right places in the brain
(well, maybe he missed a few)

and Eve ran around naked and free
before the invention of panties and bras,
before the invention of the forbidden fruit.


Pris said...

What fun!:-)

didi said...

not sure why blogger is acting up. I went in to the post and placed the title on the header but that did not help.


jenni said...


glad i'm not eve! sounds like a trip to OBGYN. LOL!