Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Making Of Eve (Rae)

began from a line drawn
with a charcoal bone
sown in a bed of earth.
                                 Mother of thorns
                                that form the crown
                                 worn by the Prince.

Rib corset laced with serpents
hair fragrant with the feathers
of fallen        sons,

                                 the waterless canopy envies
                                 the Nile that flows from behind her iris
to nurse sweet rivers of grass
(green as the core
bearing the seeds).             She blooms
beneath the hand of her creator like breath of the sea
soothed between cliffs of sandy thigh, fluid with birth.
A silk flutter, gull's wings,
skim the arch between heaven
and the heave and settle of land.

Her hands flow with snakewinds of veins
strong enough to pluck an apple from a tree,
two flesh arms
in divine proportion        to a mother's breast
in which is sown the seeds
for the downfall of paradise.

©Rae Pater


AnnMarie Eldon said...


good to be back reading your work

always wonderful

keros said...

Rae- this is great as always.

Michael Parker said...

Hi Rae! This is most excellent.

Pris said...

Welcome back. This is super.

Rae Pater said...

Hi you guys,

Thanks very much to you all!

I'm not quite used to how the blog thing works yet.
Does anyone know how to edit HTML without losing the format? Everytime I try I just get the whole poem left-aligned.

Also, to make an audio blog, do you have to download that program, or is Windows Media enough?

jenni said...

I like how you brought in the symbolism of Jesus with the crown of thorns and there's a nice soothing sonic effect in the linebreaks, rhythm. Very enjoyable.

have no clue about HTML. Email Didi for info on audioblogger, I don't think you have to download anything--the recording is done over the phone.

Rae Pater said...

thanks jenni.
I figured out the HTML thing. I guess I won't be phoning in a poem from here.