Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Making of Eve (sb)

Horses were involved, no
question. And leopards,

yes. Foxgloves dropped
their blossoms and roses

opened their hearts in blue
air. Geysers pushed up

from stone while Strawberry
Moon rounded, and blushed.

How the dogs bayed. Each
lily curved its creamy petals.

The forest sharpened its teeth
with fire. Oh, the hiss of serpents,

the sad moan of the sea. She
bloomed from the seed of

the planet, a slow and patient
tendril, sapling of her own desire.

She thickens, she toughens.
Her roots hold deep.


Ivy said...

Woah, mama!

David said...

love it.

maybe it doesn't need the last couplet?


jenni said...

Very sensuous writing. i love all the details and textures.

sb said...


david, I think you may be right.