Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Between the Lions Poetry Grant

(hope it's okay to post this here)

Announcing the first annual Between the Lions Poetry Grant.

This competition is open to single mom poets with two or more children under the age of 13. It carries a cash award of $500 (hopefully to go up in years to come) and one week of childcare AND maid service in your home, provided your home is within a 3-4 hour flight from Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia, because I can't take flights much longer than that and I, Emily Lloyd, will be providing the childcare. I was a children's library assistant for 7 years, continue to volunteer with children, and Mary Poppins was one of my childhood idols. Your kids are safe with me, as long as they don't expect gourmet meals. Your dirty laundry, and dishes, and undersides of couches, are also safe with me.

Send 10 poems and a paragraph of introduction (anything from your goals to why you are applying to the names and ages of your kids and whether they have any special needs--whatever you see fit) to elloyd74@hotmail.com by August 1, 2005.

This grant is named after Between the Lions, a fabulous children's show on PBS set in a library, which I recommend to childless adults (like myself) as well as children and parents. I mean, check it out, they have a segment called "Gawain's Word" sung to the tune of "Wayne's World."

Thanks. Please remember to be 3-4 hours from DC or Philly (by plane). And I'm not a foundation, just a gal, so this isn't a declare-it-in-your-taxes award.

(I am posting this to WOM-PO, feel free to fwd to eligible friends).


didi said...

Thank you!

Emily Lloyd said...

PS: winner to be announced at Poesy Galore and on WOM-PO on August 15th. Thanks.

666poetry-finchnot said...

how about a mom with 6 kids under 14 whose husband is away on the road all the time - - - -

i know it's a stretch / being in
canada & everything / but man oh man
what an excellent idea . . .


David said...

i'm neither single, nor a mom, but i gotta tell you, this is a really terrific, wonderful idea.


gingerivers said...

A fine idea, a single mom could use this; it would be like manna from heaven. 'Thank you God= someone cares.'

(deep bows....)

gingerivers said...

I'm passing this on to Greensboro Poetry, requesting it be posted on their library website.