Monday, June 20, 2005

The Heat

The heat has hit. My head is cracking under stress
last week’s strenuous work : meetings for marks
next year’s meandering steps, two sleepless nights _
my friend is sick,
my mother is sick, my father is sick_

and again we wander beyond daily notes
the thermometer of an average lifespan is right there
80 : old; 90 : what an age; 100 : almost impossible,
and then?

listen, I am weak, these are my people
every evening in bed my eyes cry –
the conscious is kept unconscious ///sleep sleepy mind///
I know it is out of compassion that I do not have to know
but I see the slope dizzily fixing down the vertigo
is intolerable _ I finally dive into the water blue as the
bottom of the swimming pool


the creaking of the key of the neighbor
when justice strikes she will be hanged
her guts/eyes/brain/arms/fingers beaked
by ravens – in circles it goes

the light of hate is piercing – the one of love
muddled obscure oblique impossible to distinguish
worries in waves submerge me in any attempt
of seeing through – blindly I gulp down water
there is no air in this liquid mass when the heat hits.

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