Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Famous" Rose

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~ for T.C.

it's hard to be famous
super famous
not as famous
four times
in my 30’s

that sounds so bad
but it's true
i was

into the big waves
what fame did or did not do
to the ones u related to best
who went before u

beautifully colored
meteor showers
crooked and crazed
broken and brave

u know the legend
garbo quit
cold turkey
good bye

we all got to see
their life trajectory
as the world watched
they lived their art

i found it impossible
i lost my balance
paddled to shore

i am now 43

as i was

(i have used the word
four times already)

and know

any religion
without kindness at it’s center
is not one

and know

there is something
very pure inside him
has always been
a yellow

& there is only one code
of honor

a decency
to maintain any perspective

that's famous

copyright c 2005 by Rosie O'Donnell
Posted with permission.
(edited by Lorna Dee Cervantes)


David said...

this is pretty cool, thanks.

though i think i prefer the rosie blog version. maybe. seemed more random and such.

Erin said...

I love Rosie and her blog, and the fact that it's always posted as random poetry.