Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Girl God Cheats On

(for Katy)

Isinglass in combat       boots
all the lies your mama taught you rolled into one
I would fly but Henny stole my helium
last night - the Barricade - 47th - fuck

Henny I stride so past when your high-
assed senorita catches her stilettos
in a sewer grate & hisses Huy! Wait for me! Jesus!
through the gap       in her teeth

I am the gap             Nobody
waits for me     I am the flip side

blue Blue arm etched to rock: call it night or soul
or baby     call it lock-down by the clank
& this is really it – the clank of a man-hole cover

I am cat-silver Once I took a picture of a man
his face besmirched in lipstick kisses
from his lovely drag queen weeping

at his side            He gave me
the finger            then farted

I am the April ice of the East River
melting into the rumble of the Atlantic
You ever met a shade of grey you didn’t like?

I am white graffiti on a dirty white wall
Mock orange, fat chance, a nice Jewish girl
off leash I am the echo of matte black
in the titty bar where the      crack

splits          under your feet
I am the dream in the pavement
I live surrounded by the sound of the sky

breaking     I am the suicide note you found
in a fortune cookie the oath you left in the dryer
of a coin-op Laundromat I am the girl
God cheats on who        the hell are you?


Ivy said...

This rocks.


Michael Parker said...

Ivy speaks the truth. This indeed rocks, most especially the ending. Quite ingenious.

jenni said...

punk rock baby!!!!

Djuana said...

great poem - pavement pounder - click - click - army boots & stilleto flick - god cheats - in heat - waaaaaaaaaay cool 21 dear...


Pris said...

Super poem!!!