Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Genesis-Bound (The Making of Eve)

Rules! They that made the rules
and will not let me be Me!

They wrapped me with this foul-mouthed
snake and a stinking pomme d'aire!

I was created for more! Let me flex
my muscles, break out of this picture

frame, this Eden that's not, cess pit
of God and Man's desires, creative end-

zone! These guys with their cul-de-sacs
and their bald-spot way of thinking.

I'm zoned out in this jive place
constructed not by me but by these two

buds who sit around drink beer and talk
about their Worldplans as if I'm not here.

Well, dream away, guys! This Eve's no Jeeves,
no Aunt Jemima! Step and fetch it yourselves.

Don't crucify me on your tree of expectations,
this Eve's taking her leave. Sayonara, pardners.

Christopher T. George


AnnMarie Eldon said...

see CTG you can get real nasty when you try

Christopher T. George said...

Snarl. . .

Michael Parker said...

Excellent Christopher!

Pris said...

Hey, I like this! Go, Chris, Go!

Christopher T. George said...

Thanks, Michael and Pris!