Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Memorial Day

The sky drops
sun then rain then sun--
it's temperamental.

We stand holding clipped roses,
keeping green thoughts,
sharing memories and retelling
experiences we had with you
with such a reverence
each story might break
if we were not just so

We say the sun is shining because
our soul needs the warmth --
a reassurance all is well.
We say the sky cries because
we are crying.

We use newly purchased tools
a sturdy brush, dusting cloths,
dust the cobwebs from the grooves
already formed in your name,
in each of your dates.

We each volunteer,
take a turn scrubbing the cement,
brushing into the grass
what came loose.

We admire how new it looks.

Placing roses under your name
we pause, take in everything,
look at the whole of it and
honor the living name.

We back away slowly then turn, still
taking in the pieces of you and of us,
not wanting to forget things.

"Isn't it well kept and green?" I say
and for a brief moment it seems alright
we are leaving you here.


Pris said...

Such a moving and well-written piece. I like this very much.

didi said...

Michael it is so nice to read you. How are you feeling?

Michael Parker said...

Thank you Pris and Didi. I appreciate these comments.

Didi: I'm feeling much better. When they opened the gall bladder, they found the interior lining covered with crystalized cholesterol deposits. On top of this, the lab results showed that the bladder was moderately infected. It wasn't gangrene but definitely was heading that direction. My recovery is going well too, except for a nagging cough that pulls and stabs at the places under the incisions, causing an annoying pain. Thank you for asking!