Tuesday, June 28, 2005

for "the making of eve," "Ester See"

i ate the lill pomme and which came but spiders from my throat, each glad and weaving bits of irritance in my mind and stomach as i sat, watching him watching himself as a basketball star, drafted right from high school, his tattoos a traditional rebellion across a thousand frolicking intervals.

i don't usually say these things. as the creatures wracked my digestive tract. [i always say such things, i think: i'm not an evil woman, but i am, oh i am, tall as a star-cloud and rouged with blood]

"to spit is a feminine thing for her"

yes, thank you. yes, i spit so rarely and so daintily, like a calico dismissing an unfit sparrows-wing. to spit a spider web is a very strange thing, to spit spiders, stranger. and i think they gave their brood to me; i cough three a moment still (as far as moments go: breakfast, lunch, and donner, dinner). it is unbelievable, to think there has been no one to believe all this before, to feel the falling to the floor; it is unbelievable to think i am neither fact, nor facsimilie; origins aren't ancestries, i've seen that much on tv.

"and as i see is i score! the horny rim i rip from the backboard, creating needless facets of glass! net we eat tonight! net or stagneck! oh, the lady is always in red, she. always blossoming up from the bushoms lately, singing and sahing, 'shhhhhhhhaaaaahhhh--HU!' peekaboo! what a cradle-crazy dance, her falling down, her slips filled with inoculate milk, the wearing of exotic lipsticks. i see her play a reed all year now, like a box fertle, spotted and busy. her body plays the reed so well."

now webs accompany my winding; my loops are lapped with silken fixtures; stars curdle, and we spin milk with our howling. i can go all night...the venom keeps me hot and twisting, the tangles keep me moist and wishing...

could this last? but such a great past, intractable as deserts, barren as unfed ponds! though now (now it is now) i stalk galacial speed with melting speed; i infirm galactic need;

oh heh-millions of sons, i am the kiss that impels your countlessness.

Notes, Read them or not:

1. This poem is based on Eve's Theory of Fertility, which speculates that the sin of Eve was the genetic mutation which allowed humans to sexually reproduce year-long, rather than exclusively during the typically mammalian period of estrus, or heat. This lead to a great boost in the poulation of human beings.

2. "heh" is an Egyptian word for an uncertain number, but probably thousands or millions (certainly a lot). It was used in a request for this amount of deities to hold up Nut, the sky:

"Nut comes down from the heavens at night to be with her husband, which is why we can see the stars. As with Geb, though she was revered throughout Egypt, she was not a distinct individual as the other Gods seemed to be. She was also depicted as a sow, with the stars and planets at her teats. Nut was the daughter of Shu (air) and Tefnut (water), who were the first Deities born from the all-powerful Ra."

3. The word HU: This is all very fascinating to me, as I didn't know about it before I wrote this:

"In the word Huma, hu represents spirit, and the word mah in Arabic means water. In English the word 'human' explains two facts which are characteristic of humanity: Hu means God and man means mind, which word comes from the Sanskrit Mana, mind being the ordinary man. The two words united represent the idea of the God-conscious man; in other words Hu, God, is in all things and beings, but it is man by whom he is known. Human therefore may be said to mean God-conscious, God-realized, or God-man...

...Hayy in Arabic means everlasting, and Hayyat means life, both of which words signify the everlasting nature of God. The word Huwal suggests the idea of omnipresence, and Huvva is the origin of the name of Eve, which is symbolic of manifestation; as Adam is symbolic of life, they are named in Sanskrit Purusha and Prakriti.
Jehovah was originally Yahuva, Ya suggesting the word oh and Hu standing for God, while the A represents manifestation. Hu is the origin of sound, but when the sound first takes shape on the external plane, it becomes A, therefore alif or alpha is considered to be the first expression of Hu, the original word." -http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/II/II_8.htm


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didi said...


And I want to call you son because I do not know what poem I am picking yet but I wanted to tell you what a blessing it is to me to read your poems.


Rae Pater said...

wonderful poem Michael.
For what it's worth, you have my vote.

Michael Parker said...

Someone on your last post compared your style to William Faulkner. After reading you for only the second time, I do believe they are accurate. It's an expression of your unique ingenuity. I didn't only like this, I was most impressed! (For crying out loud, coughing up spiders....amazing!)

H. W. Alexy said...

Very original style and take. Well worth the read. Hell, I even read the notes, which I rarely do.


21k said...

I really like the first stanza, and especially the first part:

i ate the lill pomme and which came but spiders from my throat, each glad and weaving


jenni said...

i love this dude. i think it's wild and weird and fun. very cool.

arewestillmarried said...

william faulkner frightens and depresses me. but thank you.

and thanks didi.