Thursday, June 09, 2005

15 conjuncted

15 conjuncted

noetic 1

a particular dialectic, a diagnosis evaluation
bulls boars dogs rams stallions
anatomical basics
different bulbous structures
different surrounds: remains sheathed
or non-erect and fibroelastic semi-rigid. Withdrawn
engorgement allows intromission
its vascular a specialized
despite a window box of pendulous sedge
and common spike-rush not taking up the fore

noetic 2

distinctive compacts over the rostral nucleus
under the plasma membrane
frequent variations
a copper underwing moth squatting still upon
the finger pock-marked damaged damaged wall
edge relatively easy which distinct tremendous utilization
superior sires augmented by reproductives
an owner would but this requiring
only the tiniest touch, be off night enquiring.
Lost by noon sun(s)

noetic 3

the adviséds may intervene
occurrences a prognosis
and treatment obvious but more typically
a limited knowledge of pathophysiology
or economic conditions which lack
of bees bought (on)
by hybrids with no pollen. Precludes.
And an Ineffective Other
allowing the passage of time to

architectonic 1

three standards: animal or phantom or representative
stallions and bulls and prime candidates
with boars and dogs
motility and morphology permanently
a pre-sperm fraction,
a sperm-rich fraction,
and a post-sperm fraction
no knit between primes
no bond

adiaphoron 1

many vetches mark a walk
which a vetchling therefore diagnoses
pathologies thorough history
this history reflects primary causes
is probably the greatest offender
usually cooler agents, common agents
and ablation and the herd situation

adiaphoron 2

usually heritable acquisition and completion -
architecture testis and epididymis remaining
in a sheath (usually) The Allows for intromission a vascular
which requires transit through the transit
within the maintenance community transit
within the storage
within the cauda
within the distinctive

adiaphoron 3

with a compact acrosome over
the rostral paddle-shaped head variation moth-head its arse
amplitude in house air
a pulsatile secretion seasonality synchronized
a photoperiod relatively easy
which distincts tremendous
which superior augments
which ownered would be very intervened
and an increasing argument stake
so intervened exit

euchology 1

the passage of time three teaser methods:
phantom, physiological and representative
With boars and dogs the male is required
motility and a morphology permanent
occasional a fraction
a sperm-rich pre-fraction
and a post-sperm fraction

architechtonic 2

pathology thorough history, The History reflecting
primary causes
Nothing natural causing this. This
like a conspiracy.
Heat probably the greatest offender
Cold probably the greatest offender
the way the oat burr will not unpocket
my friend I wanted to give a giant euphorbia seed to

sapiential 1

acquisition is a basic structure
and testis architecture
and epididymis
and the remains engorgement
and the specialized muscles
and the transit storage within the cauda
or voiding concomitant compact acrosome rostral

sapiential 2

membrane variation an amplitude
pulsatile endogenous
seasonality distinct tremendous
other than allowing the passage of time
conditions apparently satisfying the primes


allowed to mount or phantom
the collector to mimic
the spiral interior or
the encircling
the female
the encircling probe transrectally
innervation dorsal intrapelvic.
Appropriate restraint those who do The Lists do
he who wanted to hold out for hope

euchology 2

occasionally a normal pre-sperm fraction thorough history; history
reflects primary causes.
The greatest offender
morphologically excessively cold temperature
ablation, trauma common in the herd situation
heritable acquisition and completion offspring

partial troparion

diagnosis evaluation andrological
bulls boars dogs rams stallions
anatomical architecture
the dog bulbous surrounds
the remains in a sheath-non ( “The Final…)

engorgement a specialized-vestibular area
created lock bitch
and stud the caudal aspect
of the end of the protruded


created aspect of the end
protruded that it flew not nor was any
trampled under
from the dialectic
the primes strew
rotted not
effective The Other over
and above flew

(Tempation.”) non-standard
emissarians, tiniest
and unparticularised


21k said...


what a tough piece to get (through) - I mean no offense, I am a particular type of reader though I do like to venture out.

it did occur to me that you might be misleading your reader w/ linebreaks


If there were none...?

and then I would want to see something plain jane-ish to relate to in between the bigwordsounds

Okay. Just a thought.

Vive la dif(f?)erence



Jennifer K Dick said...

I wanted to disagree with Deirdre's comments--I think these poems are not at all difficult to get through, and the line breaks are used to create a nice dynamic movement along in and through the poems. One of the weaker ones for me is the initial poem, however, and perhaps that might be reflected upon.

What I admire is the rich vocabulary--recalling use of scientific language in the poetry of Jena Osman or, especially, Christopher Arigo (his first book, LIT INTERIM, was published by Pavement Saw Press in 2003).

In fact, like Arigo, there is an archeologic exloration happening of here, where time, the digging of or through language, is being explored as a method of reaching towards something.

Perhaps these poems or ones like them might also find a print home in Isotope magazine? Just a thought

Anyway, I enjoyed! Thanks!

Jennifer K Dick said...

Hi there--

I just wanted to disagree with Deirdre, since I quite enjoy these poems and find them easy to read and that the line-breaks make the reader move through them and complicate them nicely. However, the poems are uneven, and some of the weaker ones, like the initial one, etc. seem still unsure what they are pointing to, or have occasional awk lines.

I particularly like the rich scientific vocabulary of these, though, and that recalls the writing of jena Osman or, especially, Christopher Arigo's first book (LIT INTERIM, Pavement Saw Press, 2004) in which the scientific, denser language intermingles with variant senses of time and a feeling of archeology as if we are reaching for or through something to yet another unknown place.

Perhaps 15 Conjuncted might find print home in Isotope? Anyway, thanks for the read!

Jennifer Dick