Monday, June 27, 2005

where the wolves fuck

first Vukojebinan [one from where the wolves fuck] revenant:
"this is mhah veydeeoh mahsheen
i've been masturbating since the fort knox wored off,
and i hold it in my nose, sniff, my veydeeoh is cleen;
i am returned to this deevice:
i have beecuhm pyuur ainrgee!
oh the enjels of the recthum and the naked of the priests,
the many parts of breakfast and the gadje-killing yeast (???????)"

The Orphean Orphan, snailed to the wood by the po-po, carves this Mosaic into a diddling tree, an old Georgian girl, syas into her heaving chest, "Miss Rhodes," an "Erica lost in the Orthodocks,"

"and my soldiers carried (and carry to today) chrisantanmums and impatiens to them along a whebby zig of vain thornstalks, our cat wriggling at the ivy, the impatiens stood then cold at her handlight, fresh and immortal as the bodies of doves. all of these things, not many, from my love or to a love, from a gibbon-cloud, from her highest pocus, her lewdest locus, oh spot that i tend."

Second Cesium Orhpan:

"the pot that spat soil and shat soiled. quoth arender: the bhoot lillies drip down old liver Livonia, her spread liber springs past the lids lips, the rutting hybrid raises an antler chromium knife and your nude effigy flitters in the wake of his windy jiggle."

Effagrammatic SheTree:

">]=O >[=O [stretches arms]

O=X0=< [holds breath]

LL__I_O O_I__ll [exa-hales while kicking legs]"


"ay widdled me a widow! her waist, her aphids. a whole bunch of fun-mighty chondrities! the list of names glueming Umey, How that mountain got there! Now mountains arise, permit me to kill, her oinkhment on a single pond-lillied finger!"

(a beginning)


Rae Pater said...

lol, this is so funny! I hope you continue it.

Rae Pater said...

you know, it sort of reminds me of As I Lay Dying by whatisname ... umm ... shit you know, that guy everyone, Faulkner, that's it. Have you read him? William Faulkner?

You should check it sometime. His use of vernacular is as disorientating as this at first too. Puts you right off balance, which is pretty much where you stay.

It's challenging, but very interesting and effective.

arewestillmarried said...

thanks rae. is that said "ree" or "ray?" in the first case, what are you, welsh?

Rae Pater said...

Hi Michael, my name is pronounced 'Ray' but is the feminine form.
I've always disliked it as a name. Mostly because people always expect me to be a guy before they've met me, and then I have to spell it, and explain that it really isn't short for raewyn or raelene, ir anything else.

I'm from New Zealand, and you know me as justagirltoo from Critique Me Baby on Salty Dreams

arewestillmarried said...

yes, well, new zealanders are always very Welshish to me. same sort of vibe (i've never met anyone from Wales). very clever Folk, as i call you. i met one in a mental hospital. she explained that being around sad people in a hospital is the last and worst way to feel better. i agreed and we escaped together the next day, busted right through the walls with a shmelted sporkball covered in knucklegum.

but your name, pater, is...are you not of gaelic ancestry????

arewestillmarried said...

oh, i just remembered--the girl, the hospital--during this time i first read faulkner--light in august. an odd coincidence, the only faulkner i've read.