Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Genesis (The making of Eve)

First there was the sound
of scraping in the eves,
the attic workshop awash
in clay, the hand, the mouth,
beauty an obsession.

Rent like a full figured doll
formed from the eye of beauty
when beauty was unknown,
an idea, thought blind.

The birth came suddenly
a naked lay in the grass
of time, fluid. Relativity knew
this, a moveable distance.
De Milo knew too, she walked on water
called his name, named his desire.

Once the word left her lips it spun
like gold, the needle pricked and she was doomed
to wander in the company of snakes and men.


keros said...

Hey Ginger- Very Very cool. The last line delivers a nice punch. I love it.

AnnMarie Eldon said...

this is going to be some party!

jenni said...

Yes, i like how you go about closing this very much. Eloquent, yet prodding.