Saturday, June 25, 2005

I love your yin yang

I love your yin yang

in Chinese characters
tattoo at the top
of her butt crack

could mean
my other ass
is a Porsche

more likely some
spiritual message
she can't read

because it's backwards in the mirror
because it's written in Mandarin
because it's meant to be read by me –

not me knowing Mandarin
any better than the tattoo guy –
all the not mes admiring, ogling

swath of tender flesh
sure boat to manna
sly monument moment

pretty I say
if I was your age
I'd probably have one

which is nothing less than true
& a little sad – not too sad
when I really think about it

me – I'd go for the yin yang
for a flower on a flexed bicep –
a butterfly lyricizing
stony ankle bone

this girl in pull-me-up pull-me-down clothes
flashes a pearly smile

it means strength
she tells me
as if there was ever any doubt


jenni said...

cool poem, DJ. I'm thinking about getting a new tat. just don't know what i want yet.

Djuana said...

Thanks Jenni. Oh! the yin yang I saw on a young woman friend's lower back - the small of her back - is gorgeous. Where are you thinking of putting your new tat?

Incidentally, you can here this read here:

Pris said...

I like! Like the images, the language, the humour.

anders said...

Excellent stuff. Indicates a shifting of gaze.

Djuana said...

Thanks Pris & Jack - pleased you found something to like here. Not so sure how well the reading of it came out, wondered if it worked.


666poetry-finchnot said...

i love this poem

Djuana said...

Thanks finchy - you got tatoos??