Tuesday, June 28, 2005

checking in

thx Didi for inviting me. when you did I was sweltering in St. Louis. now I'm back in beautiful New Mexico & catching up with mail.

because you'll be publishing a movie-centric piece of mine you know of my long affair with the flickers. tonite I watchd the strange film adaptation of Saroyan's "The Time of Your Life." the part I liked best was when James Lydon (best-known for having playd Henry Aldrich)talks to someone he doesn't know on the phone & sets up a date. she turns out to be character actress Renie Riano (who's buried near Percy Helton). that exchange made me think of all the folks trying to hook up online w/o having seen each other.

I guess we're a bit like that too. at least till we start reading each other's work & interacting.


didi said...

Welcome aboard.


Pris said...

Always nice to have a new outspoken voice here.