Thursday, June 09, 2005

& see

& be sure to see the current incarnation of The Melic Review, guest-edited by Claudia Grinnell and Jeffery Bahr. Those of you who are veterans of the online workshop community may know Bahr and Grinnell from The Gazebo, and maybe you were even lucky enough to have one of them moonball one or more of your poems, which you are no doubt much the better for. It is certainly interesting, at least to this writer, to analyze the editorial predilections of Bahr & Grinnell within CE Chaffin's magazine. The trademark Melic aesthetic of


seems to be a compatible framework for the guest editors, but it still seems odd to see them editing this magazine. What would happen, for instance, if a panda were to sneak into a lair of dalmatians?

I hope there is someone else here who can comment on this.


jenni said...

I saw a show on the discovery channel about pandas--they are actually pretty mean, though cute-looking. i think if the dalmations tried to play with the panda, it might bite them.

David said...

i like pandas.

Kemel Zaldivar said...

We need to set that up. Somehow. We'll give the panda ecstasy so it won't slaughter the dogs.