Sunday, June 26, 2005


The energy spent
keeping the day
at the pace of your own waking.

We are alone
like a pair of eyes.
Now there is only others to look at.

They are falling from sidewalks
walked aimlessly.

Looking at your own desire,
you reach the end,
find again your own
soft piece of dreaming.


jenni said...

i already commented on this over at the PAD, but just wanted to say again how much i love it.

David said...

really nice. great ending.

i wondered about maybe "there are" (others) vs. "there is" in line 6. or maybe a different way of constructing this.


Jill said...

Thanks jenni. I worked at this for a while cutting away a lot.

david, yes, i think you're right. i have to think about it more.