Monday, June 13, 2005

Calling all half-Jews (for lack of a better term)


Seeking brilliant prose about (or relating to) the subject of "growing up half-Jewish". We are looking for poets, fiction-writers, and creative essayists who-- raised in an interfaith-family-- have a story to tell. Our writers represent a huge breadth of diverse experiences, from observant Jews to atheists to Buddhists, united by their experience of growing up HALF...


HALF/LIFE: growing up Jew-ISH
Editor, Laurel Snyder
Soft Skull Press
Spring, 2006

Length is unimportant, and all styles are welcome, but we are only accepting writing of the highest quality!!!

Deadline is July 15 for initial queries.
Please query to
Include a brief bio, a pitch, and writing sample


didi said...

Gee if I were half jewish I'd submit. What if I wrote about my 1/8 Jewish two children? Nah. Nevermind.


anders said...

Laurel as a longtime reader of Celan Amichai Walter Benjamin not to mention Primo Levi and Nelly Sachs, I am appalled that I have been unjustly excluded from this call for submissions due to the mere fact that I am 1/4 Baudrillardian, 1/2 zen buddhist 1/8 Sufi and 1/16 Rumi-esque and 1/16 AINLWRTMNAL (American Ironic Nihilist Loser Who Read Too Much Nietzsche and Larkin). C'est terrible !