Friday, June 10, 2005

Work Issue

I am putting together a special supplement to Niederngasse on work, working, working life, etc. So I would appreciate receiving contributions (poems) and ideas from you all. I am hoping that we can have it out in September -- so if "work" is a theme you've explored, please send it my way!


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anders said...

Chuck -- I have long taken a special research interest in the relation between being an artist, specifically a poet, and working. The ironies and paradoxes of that zone of two conflicting discourses (that for money and power, and that of eternity) are amazing and labyrinthine to explore. For example, I think internet writing movement should make money. I think it needs to be a public movement just like the beats were before and etc. I have notes toward about a 15 page essay on it that surveys a variety of poets and philosophers. I can get to it but only after I finish up work on next Mipo issue.

(Didi that could be a long term plan for Mipo: a small press tied into a local university just like Graywolf or Copper Canyon. I.e. leverage multimedia back from the net to hardcopy, introducing good internet writers into the Barnes & Noble world and college poetry class curriculum.) I am super busy right now so I can't do it till a month or two from now, you need to remind me, also you can reject it if it sux. OK?