Wednesday, June 08, 2005


This is just to let you know some of what I was doing during the long period away from MiPo. (I have no idea if this is interesting to you -- but what the hell.)

1. I am a contributing editor and have been publishing regularly in Poems Niederngasse (, Zurich-based e-zine. I have a regular "column" called "Poems of World War III" -- and I have a new feature called Comment and Controversy.

2. For a long time I was using New Blue Line as my poetry workshop/forum. Met some nice people, learned some things -- but got tired of workshopping.

3. Recently: was a "featured" poet in The Hiss Quarterly -- published 10 prose poems as a group.

4. Did one workshop with Joan Houlihan but crapped out on second. Read a lot of stuff I should have read a long time ago -- poets, about poetry, etc.

Now -- I'm writing a lot again. And enjoying it.



didi said...

HI Chuck.

Nice to see you around again. I have not submitted anything to Niederngasse in ages. How is Silvia?

Do you communicate with her at all?


Pris said...

Hi Chuck
I've not submitted to Niederngasse in a long time, either. It's a good journal. Did you work with Pasquale?

And what's it like working with Joan Houlihan? I've read some of her essays and like her fact, just exchanged an email with her the other day over something else.

anders said...

An ezine in Zurich? Look, we need to have an anter-ezine editorial meeting, at the office of your ezine. We can coerce Denise Duhamel if you force Baudrillard to attend. And tell "Bodri" to "portez la beaujolais," as well. Please invite us to Zurich, find a large country house where we can all live in peace in a state-subsidized artist's colony, and allow contemporary shamans in the form of mutated chatbots to infiltrate your dreams !

Can we have an international e-zine conference somewhere? how about at my folks' house in Squamish? it's up north of Vancouver, incredibly beautiful, hilly, we could go there while the sky is sky blue, huge clouds like low-hung belts on the mountains . . . get back to me on this. Your achievements are impressive. You have done things. You have brought existence here, one might say.

H. W. Alexy said...

Thanks for the update, Chuck. Personally, I lost interest in Blueline when Ha took a, to me, draconian interest in the site. Ah well. It is good to hear you're faring well and writing much.


Chuck said...

Didi, I was hoping that Silvia was going to come to an editorial meeting in Zurich, but she wasn't able to make it, I guess. I haven't heard from her for a while --

Pris, I like working with Pasquale (Paco). He is easy, open, trying to improve the quality of Niederngasse (with a contest, for instance). Arlene Ang is the Italian editor of PN and is great to work with.

And Joan is terrific. She's smart and a very helpful critic -- She's just opened a new poetry center in Concord, Mass. -- I went to a reading by Franz Wright there and I think he is involved in the center. I am just workshopped to my ears -- no fault of anyone else.
Joan's got a course running through Algonkian that you can check out on web de sol.

Jack -- my dream has been to have "editorial meetings" in Zurich (we have done two of these) and wherever else -- Budapest? Miami? -- and maybe we will head next time to Venice where Arlene lives. I like urban better than the bucolic -- Vancouver sounds good --

Helm, I stayed away from the rule-based parts of Blue Line, avoided those arguments.


Pris said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've read a lot of Arlene Ang's poetry. In fact, she wrote quite a beautiful one recently and dedicated it to me. Not only are her words lovely, but she's that way, herself. I had a couple of poems I submitted last year accepted by Pasquale. Read an interview with him somewhere. He describes himself as a hedonist. The interview was very open and fun to read. He sounds the same.

I agree with Jack. Set up an international meeting and take pictures:-)

You're lucky to be working with such dynamic people.

Chuck said...

Well, Pris, Arlene has proposed Venice for the next Niederngasse meeting -- We could talk with her and Paco about expanding the invitation to make it an intenational poetry e-zine jamboree! I'll suggest it to them -- but it would be great if you (and others) would propose this as well! Venice!! Chuck

Arlene said...

Hee, Chuck sent me here... and yes! it would be great to organize something in Venice. If people will come, I'll take care of the stuff. I proposed November -- but I don't think Chuck would be able to make it at that date? We can do it in spring next year... leaves time for everyone to get their act together, including myself.

Pris!! **hug**
Thanks for your lovely words. Haven't been anywhere virtually in ages. Had to fly back home due to my dad's worsening condition; he passed away last month. I'm picking up the pieces one day at a time. Hope to be back in Bag End soon.