Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Last Day Of Private Winnie The Pooh

Dubya sends Winnie the Pooh
to fight the war in Iraq.
“Watch out

for the roadside attractions.”
warns Henry to Pooh,
“watch out

for the rocket propelled goodies
by a swarm of bees

trying to protect
their honey from you!”
Henry goes down

the list
of all the dangers
to be found in this dangerous place.

Suddenly, Winnie's Humvee
gets blown up,
Winnie’s arm is dangling,

that ain’t honey
coming out
of his mouth.

Eeyore turns his hindquarters
to the enemy
and kicks uncontrollably,

tears pouring
out of
his jackass eyes.


Don Schaeffer said...

This is wonderful. Tell the world. Do you know about Poets Against The War. Check them out you might want them to take this one for their book and website.


H. W. Alexy said...

Don't know, could be just me, but I want a bit more innocence, fantasy at the beginning. I think it would set up the ending better, (especially as Winnie the Poh is a childhood icon) but I may be trying for a different feel/focus than the one you're presenting (stark throughout, as the slow WMD takes its toll).