Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sweet Mary Brown Eyes

Mary bought herself new running shoes
Mary bought herself three new DVDs
Mary bought Smirnoff orange flavored vodka
Mary drank two glasses with crushed ice while she watched the first DVD
Mary put her new running shoes on
Mary put Crosby Stills Nash And Young Best Hits on her Sony
Mary listens to Judy Blue Eyes
Mary does not understand the Spanish at the end of the song
Mary was born in Cuba
Mary knows how to speak Spanish
Mary does not shove her language to degree earned non speakers
Mary knows that sometimes they totally fuck up the language
Mary lets them
Mary does not understand Crosby’s guajiro
Mary says hey it is like what Silliman was trying to say about Coolidge
Mary says ala Bandstand, its got a good beat and I can dance to it, I’ll give Coolidge a 7.5 Dick
Mary prefers to dance to Bukowski
Mary runs harder when the do do do do do do do do at the end goes full swing
Mary runs underneath a mango tree and starts to run backwards so she can see how well hung the tree is
Mary could jump and dunk for a mango
Mary turns around and keeps running
Mary is not addicted to alcohol
Mary has been addicted to the internet for 10 years
Mary wants to reach out and touch him as if he were a mango
Mary rewinds Judy Blue Eyes
Mary listens to it’s getting to the point, I am sorry, Sometimes it hurts so badly
Mary must cry out loud
Mary is lonely
Mary keeps listening, don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now
Mary keeps running

For Prissy

(the italics mean I took from the lyrics of the song Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Still Nash and Young's lyric)


Pris said...

i love it. From the first three lines i knew it was yours before i got to the end:-)

anders said...

Great stuff, operating right on the line between what used to be called poetry and what used to be called prose. It's getting into new dialect here. True sexy funny HUMAN internet personality, awesome~! it's nappytime here. Kudos.