Saturday, June 11, 2005

Let me know

If you like having the three most recent post up at a time or if you wish to have more than three -- if so how many?


Pris said...

I prefer more than three (but not as many as before)...reason being that we tend to look just at the ones on the screen. Digging into the archives can bring up TOO many.
Personally, I'd like to see between 10-15 up on the screen, more if they're short, but that means changing the number on your part, so say 15.

21k said...

Yes I would like to see more too. I have the slowest dial-up in the world I thought, but I didn't find the page slow loading, though I did find the really long posts took time to scroll through. (I'm a culprit, my first post was a long pome, sorry)


Ivy said...

Why not have the last three days' posting, instead?

I think this can be set in the preferences.

About a dozen in number sounds good, too.

anders said...

I agree.

If everyone just did short little posts like me, there wouldn't be a problem didi : )

ejjobrien said...

yeah, make jack write a precis and then link to the article

anders said...

That's a great idea. Didi, is there a way we could do it like the Arts & Letters daily site, where what I post here is a little description of the article with a hotlink, and the article itself goes on some other all-articles Mipo blog??

didi said...

Jack do the intro here and post the article in blogisimo and link to the article in blogisimo from here.

But please remember my request for what material I wish reviewed.

If you do not remember, e-mail me so I can go over some ideas. I also want to talk to you about miporadio.


Pris said...

I just wanted to add that I like the Jack/link idea. His posts are great, but long to run on the same page, so this seems the perfect solution.

LKD said...

Why not post a day's worth? One day viewable seems manageable. Scroll-able.(smile)

I like the idea of Jack having a separate place for his entries. A separate blog for discussion regarding theory and criticism, etc.

And this blog only for poetry, eh?

Kemel Zaldivar said...

I opt for 37.143456 times 10 to the 27th power divided by the square root of five times negative infinity. That's been my favorite number since I was like four.

anders said...

I agree. The poems here -- hotlinked to essays there. Also, short notes and comments here.

Good thoughts guys.

David said...

i vote for 3 days. because 3 is a magic number.

and 1, well, 1 is the loneliest number.