Sunday, June 05, 2005


Poetry is a temple of remembrance.

At Burning Man, the beautiful wooden temples
that they build there, they burn down the last
night of the festival.

it is a place where everybody's at home . . .

where everything that's written is a poem --

There is that in love
which, by the syntax of,
men find women and join
their bodies to their minds

--which wants so to acquire
a continuity, a place,
a demonstration that it must
be one's own sentence.

-- Robert Creeley

at the board tribe I come from, there's an ancient
saying, "once it falls off page twenty" --
our board had twenty "pages" (screens holding
poems) and if a poem dropped off page 20
(pushed off by influx of new poems posted)
"where does it go?"

"when we all fall off p.20 where do we go?"

In this way, text becomes mystical.

Wittgenstein refers to metaphysical, ethical,
and religious statements as "the mystical."
"The mystical" cannot be expressed in terms
of logical propositions. Concerning "the mystical,"
we cannot make any logical pictures of possible
facts. "The mystical" is beyond the logical
limits of language.

"Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination." (Wittgenstein, from Philosophical Investigations).

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