Monday, June 06, 2005

See the New MiPO

Listen up y'all, the Gabriel Gudding issue of MiPO is now online. Gabe has put together a stunning list of contributors, with a collection of poetry that truly extols the position and trajectory of human culture. The smoke of our sentences excites the sinuses of heaven. Brace for thunder.

Gabe is this writer's former classmate. Check out the poems of two other former classmates, Karl Parker and Jasper Bernes, in the issue. See also this writer's interview of Bernes, and of Heidi Lynn Staples. And don't miss Gregorio the spider-monkey and his chuck-wagon of horrors. You'll be certain to recommend us to your peers.

The link to the issue is here.


anders said...

Omigod I luv it ! It's got my "weird poets" one! Awesome. I totally forgot I wrote it. Trakl! Man that dude was tortured. And we are in a war?

jenni said...

Good job Gabriel, Kemel, Didi et al. Wonderful issue.

Pris said...

Ditto! I have the link to it featured on today's blog!

Ivy said...

Mentioned on dumbfoundry.

Birdie said...

Most excellent! Linked at birdpoems and Beauty Dish, natch.