Sunday, June 05, 2005

The reviews and an announcement

The reviews/critiques by Jack are a great idea! Thanks, both d and Jack.

I've been very lax in submitting this year, but have a couple of poems coming out in the next Verse Libre, several haiku in the World Haiku Review and Haiga in the current Simply Haiku. The latter two aren't really of interest to most of us who write free verse, I realize.

I do have a chapbook that poet colleague sponsored for me. It's entitled Abrasions and the ordering link is on the right column of my blog (found by clicking my profile pic). I'd love it if it piqued anyone's interest.



anders said...

Can you send me the chapbook to look at?

Pris said...

Hi Jack
I just send you an email for information about where to send it. Thanks.

didi said...

Pris - The address is right there on the magazine's blog - click on Blogisimo.