Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mary is putting her nervous breakdown away

Mary is taking another walk.
Mary is putting her nervous breakdown away.
Mary is listening to Paul Simon’s “El Candor Pasa” aka ‘If I Could”
Mary knows shit happens.
Mary has three hairs growing from her chin.
Mary pulls on them but they are stubborn.
Mary did not forget the sunscreen.
Mary is wearing sunglasses.
Mary still squints.
Mary listens to Paul say he’d rather be a sparrow.
Mary would rather be a snail.
Mary would rather be the nail.
Mary would rather have her feet up in the air.
Mary thinks Paul was smoking hash when he wrote the lyrics.
Mary rewinds the song.
Mary knows that even vultures gather to feast.
Mary is on her third block now and decides to cross the street.
Mary does not look for cars.
Mary listens for the tires instead.
Mary hears the break of a car.
Mary stops and looks and scolds the car.
Mary continues to wonder about being a nail.
Mary would rather have pain inflicted than cause it.
Mary stops at the curb.
Mary rewinds the song again.
Mary knows she can not sail away.
Mary would rather be the street than the forest.
Mary starts to wonder about soul mates.
Mary wonders if another soul mate is coming her way.
Mary wonders what he would think of her with hairs growing from her chin.
Mary makes a mental note to buy tweezers.
Mary skips El Candor Pasa half way through.
Mary plays Rupert Holmes “Escape” aka “The Pina Colada Song”.


anders said...

Thank god you posted a poem. Your poems are like wonderful kimonos I would gladly honor with hanging from my favorite coathanger in my closet, you know which one.


your friend.

Ernesto said...

"El candor pasa" sounds much more evocative than the original "El condor pasa"...

It left me thinking: yes, indeed, el candor pasa...