Monday, June 06, 2005

Foot in Mouth Disease

I guess I put my foot in it when I posted a question in a comment to one of Ron Silliman's blogs. At any rate, I'm the subject of his today's blog...also I have a couple of comments in response. I do feel a bit embarrassed, though.

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ejjobrien said...

Well, Pris, my honest reaction is that you got an "Emperor's New Clothes" response from Mr Silliman. Of course, you are not pure and virtuous, you cannot see this fine raiment before you. My 'hooey' meter is on high. :)

Can't say I'm that much of of Pollock fan either. Can say, as one who is repeatedly accused of being a 'sound' poet, that I don't find much to hold onto in the charming words of Mr. Coolidge. Although, I do kinda like Basil Bunting.

Pris said...

Funny you should use that analogy. It was what I was thinking when I posted the comment that brought about this lengthy post. So far, reading the comments on his blog, only one other person feels somewhat the same as I do (or will admit it), so the egg stands almost alone. And as I commented back, I do enjoy Pollock's paintings, but an artist like Redon movse right through to my core. Same with poetry. I feel as if I've been slapped on the wrist for not 'getting/liking' this poet. I 'get' that he's using sound. I'm not THAT stupid lol, but...

oh , i best leave well enough alone.

jenni said...

If a poem starts out that bad, i don't have the attention span or the patience to read the rest. that may be a character defect of mine, but life's short, i could die tomorrow and i wanna read something i ENJOY reading now.

truly your hedonist,


H. W. Alexy said...

Thank Pris, an interesting link. To associate words solely with rhythm, that's so difficult as we are so accustomed to associating meaning with words, as though a word is not a word if it doesn't mean. It's as though we're dealing only with the filler, "dum dooby do dum day" of some of the late 50's, eary 60's music. What's the jazz word for that form of rhytmic vocal accompaniment?


didi said...

Pris I will send you my comments to your e-mail. Basically it is the same response I gave Peter Davis of what I thought of someone whom he interviewed for the magazine.

Pris said...

jenni...i totally agree, and d, got your email. thanks.

sb said...

For future readers, the link to the specific post is here.

It is an interesting conversation.

Though mostly above my head.