Thursday, January 05, 2006

Snapshot 04 January 02006

I dreamt the new year came to you
before it came to me. It came to you
in orchids and fire. It came to me
in silence, and snow. How suddenly

the earth turns, the message changes
from dark to light. Bats hang quiet
in their caves. The barn owls stir.
Fog seeps between the mountains

into this high valley where I sleep
and dream of strange flying machines
and benevolent monsters. Are you
waking now? Are there orchids?

Is there fire?


Pris said...

Ohhh, very nice. The imagery is so vivid and fresh. Applauding!

Lee Herrick said...

Wow. I really like this...and I enjoyed the other poems on your website, too. Happy new Year.

Michael Parker said...

I like this as well. A great write.

sb said...

Thank you, pris, lee, michael. I was pleased with this one, too. Those late-night images are often really good ones.