Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Darwin and God

Darwin and God
--moments before evolution

The wind! The wind!

Yes, the wind is blowing. It keeps you young fellas
a float in good fashion. Without it, you'd all be shark
bait, and you don't want that now, do you?

Shark bait?

Yes, without the wind, you'd be shark bait. It keeps
you all afloat, so you can make your discoveries
on the islands not meant for human eyes.

Human eyes?

Yes, you'll find Caliban sitting atop a rock waiting
for your language to apply to his island--where wind
brought you. You'll tell him he was part of something.

Part of something?

Yes, you'll create something out of what you found,
just like I did, only you've yet to learn how to master
the wind--control the direction of the compass.

Master the wind?

Yes, give it time, you'll soon know too. You'll create
as I have, master the wind, and bring people
where you wish--and you'll lead them abroad.


Yes, where they've never been--you'll give
them reason to believe in what they've only
wondered. You'll keep them guessing.

Kerry James Evans
Winter 2006


H. W. Alexy said...

I really enjoyed the multitude of meanings that I could apply to wind in this.


James said...

Thank you Helm.