Sunday, January 29, 2006

Railroad Bill

Railroad Bill

Like a chameleon,
Like an insect that looks like a stick,
Like a butterfly whose markings are the bark of a tree,
A dog with no bark at all,
An invisible cat,
A cloud in blue sky that disappears on examination:

He invented a self for time and place;
He talked his way off street corners;
He sang for Mormons,
He chanted hari Krishna hari Krishna,
He dabbled in love,

As though he were one who could sustain an emotion
For more than a minute or two, he made commitments
And broke them. The only feeling he knew well was fear
And the only end he had in mind was survival. Some
De-frocked monk said, “He’ll always land on his feet.
He’s golden.”


Rae Pater said...

Nice work Chuck.

Chuck said...

Thanks, RP! I didn't think anyone read it!