Thursday, January 26, 2006

ODE Poem

Praise be to flowered
flannel that softens
and fades with age.

Praise to checkered
slippers knitted by
elderly aunts from

left-over yarn, thick
slippers to cushion
& warm our wandering

feet. Praise to happy
pom-poms, to antique
lace; praise to hooded,

over-sized robes with
rolled sleeves; floor-
length robes of terry

& fleece. Praise to satin
& silk; praise to clinging
fabrics carefully folded

into ribboned boxes
by hopeful lovers & well-
wishing friends. Praise

to boxers and too-big
T-shirts, snatched from
the closets of intimate

strangers. Praise to high-
heeled slippers & slippers
shaped like rabbits. Blessed

be all that keeps us warm,
alley cats & pomeranians,
cuddlers, snugglers, back-

sleepers, side-sleepers,
spooners, quilted duvets
& comforters: Praised be.


Michelle e o said...

I really like the praising. Great job.

Pris said...

I like this, too. The repetition makes it sing!

sb said...

Thanks to you both.