Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Invisible Waters Where Once Your Sky"

Invisible Waters Where Once Your Sky

~ after Dylan Thomas

Serpent, mermen through your
tides and roe; your stones, their source
dolphined on the earth, the sea
glides dry from your hair while
magic turns your clocking; voids
die through salt, corals, beds

coloured and latched in your oiled
unraveller. Lay where once your weeds
sank, your lids, a tomb. Wind. Break.
Where dry screws spun, your ice
steers the scissors. his channels,
a knife; love's shades, a root cord;

sage sea-faiths, your green splice,
fruits hung loose through his eye. Your
children who go shall not cry. His wet
tided dead; my face, your wet left
ghost -- invisible waters till once
your green and knotted sky.


didi said...

Lorna -- please send me a few new poems for the March issue.


Michelle e o said...

Lovely Lorna, good luck tonight!

sb said...

What a great approach!