Monday, January 23, 2006

A Short Dialogue

During the weigh-in Goliath looked at Muhammad Ali with
menacing almost Biblical eyes, x-ray eyes that burned all
the atoms along his line of vision. Ali for his part kept
jawing insults, “you giant panty-wearer”, “your mama this
and that..” and other worst things that should not be
repeated publicly. Anyway, Goliath weighed two tons and
Ali just a few ounces. There were wooden banners all around
proclaiming, “The Thrilla On The Sermon Hilla”. The fight
details would be carved in stone later.

“You can’t trick me with the
goat-herding Ali shuffle
or the rope-a-dope goat!”

Goliath thundered Shaq-like
as he looked at Ali
from the height of a basketball goal.

“You think you bad
like Sonny Liston’s dad
but you can be had!”

The butterfly Muhammad Ali
floated in front of the giant,
ancestor of Andre the Giant,

but bigger than Danny Devito
appeared to an ant---
you know, Androcles’ lion’s ant.

Goliath roared
and took a step forward
Muhammad Ali appeared bored

but he had a great tan
of which even Goliath was a fan.
Just at that moment

Ali hit him with an upper cut.
Goliath , confused, uttered profanities,
screamed, “You slut!”

At which point Ali
hit him with a religious right cross
“you ain’t the boss

of me.” cried the giant
as he collapsed dead from the head.
“I told you, I told you

you was gonna get it in the end.
I float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee,

you cross my path
and you incur Allah’s wrath!”
Suddenly, Ali was struck with a nervous disorder.


Michelle e o said...

"you ain't the boss of me" Ha! I loved that.

RC said...

thanks,michelle e o!