Monday, January 02, 2006

My Daughter Is In Love

My daughter is in love.
My daughter is in love.
My daughter is in love.

I danced with my baby girl
on New Year's Day. Her laugh
sunk into my skin deep as I dipped
her low. I saw her face
in her face and thought of
dancing a decade ago.

Her turtle shell chest,
now breasts soft and new.
Boys then men will touch
them. Fat baby cheeks gone
now hold quiet secrets.

Terrorists are hiding all
around us. This is urgent.
Do not open the door, keep
your eyes open. Insurgents

I remember life before September
11th. We danced ignorant. I
am happy being ignorant.
I want to go back as bad as
a mother wants to run back
into a burning house to
save her baby.

I want to run, run back
and dance her around
the living room
on a Tuesday afternoon.

Michelle M. Buchanan Jan 1, 2006


Pris said...

Hi Michelle
This works really well for me except for the first three lines. Personally, I don't think you need them, but see what other reactions you get. The poem starts for me at S2.

Another good one!

nancy said...

I agree with Pris on this one. And I especially enjoyed the third stanza as I have a teenage daughter and, man, it happened so fast :)


Michelle e o said...

Thanks Pris & Nancy. I debated over the first three lines. Still deciding. I appreciate your suggestions.

James said...

poem shows a great deal of emotion, however the first three lines don't need to be repeated, especially if it is in the title. What I like about this poem is the honesty and how you allow the emotion to bleed through the imagery.

Michelle e o said...

Thank you James, I appreciate it.