Wednesday, March 22, 2006

words that can't be / spoken

& i / confined to this room
to this house / for my own
safety / peace of mind

oh yes / pieces of my mind
i re main / this is my self imposed

the vapid loss / of my self less ness
stretch ed thin enough / oh / pull me tight enough

i can't get enough / of this /
i'm scream ing a gain

no one is listen ing / a gain /

& the house crash es
& i / mommy dear est / crash /
& wish to do / no thing

& i / clean /
i clean / i clean / & i feel like

yes / it's the drown ing / it's this



keros said...

Hi finchy- one of the joys of being back online is reading your poetry- drop me a line when you can and tell me how you're doing.

Pris said...

The drama of this really draws me in. Intense!