Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Henry’s Elegy For A Peruvian Poet

Vallejo was a hater of God
and with good reason,
the day Vallejo was born God was sick,

absent-without-leave, AWOL,
gone over the wall,
he was teenage girls at the mall.

God was a wife-beater,
a child molester,
a mean stepfather to Vallejo.

Vallejo would cover his head
with his arms
as punches rained down on him,

the Ark already departed with pairs,
Noah in the pilot house
filled with sadness like a cup.

The day Vallejo was born
God was sitting on the pot
omnipresent and omnipotent.


Terry Lucas said...

I enjoyed the sound aspects of this poem--AWOL, wall, mall and arms, him and pot,omnipotent, for example. Some great lines, as well: "he was teenage girls at the mall," "Noah in the pilot house/filled with sadness like a cup."

I would like to see more narrative thrust with this lyricism.


Terry Lucas

RC said...

Thanks for the comments,Terry,they are appreciated.