Monday, March 20, 2006


Taste that lingers in my mouth,
memoir of walks in the garden.
Dreams that seemed eternal then
are now glass fragments
we can’t piece together.

Perhaps you are here unknowingly
as a instrument of memory,
like those persistent souls
that cling to old homes
looking to be remembered.

I taste and grieve for a man
somewhere in the world
who can’t find your flavor.
It lingers in my mouth,
pleasant until the end.

D.Q. 3/19/06


666poetry-finchnot said...

this is / pleasant to the end

you write such sexy poems dq ;)

hope you are well


keros said...

thanks for commenting!- I left one for you in your blog.

Pris said...

I just now spotted this one. Yes!! Really like it and, I agree, sexy, as well as loving!

Pris said...

ps..hey, stop by my blog sometime now that you're circulating the internet again. Haven't seen you in eons. Do you still have your blog? It stalled for a long time, too?