Friday, March 03, 2006

These, My Politics

Last on list (enlist) are brittle
after hold from hurt still
there are actualities to rend
er there are branches from
north breezes the imagination
fosters will have fostered
an enormous shift the limber left
is singular (in wingspan)
commas bridge the little segue
from (say) fluctuate to stay
here just a piece I want
to freshen your connect point
(be with me) only this glyphs
to show we're in parentheses
thus mere thus partial
so the curved way of the thin road
needs each way-place to be
covered versus cautious
and the trail to rooftop
needs to hold encompassing
breeze peace a prayer is
most important to have home
and in this fluency
one takes the earth from
piece to shambles and dis-
mantles prior look unto
a first born semblance
to arrive at thus
how insurmountable is effortless
and colorless brilliant pure
perception that for all
eternity will hinge
the infinite appearing

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