Monday, March 06, 2006

~la seductrice~

because of how you are standing
and how you are leaning and stuff,
and how your hair is bobbed and
took care of, i doubt i will

have much to say to you since
your glass is full. it's been full
for hours. i wonder if you know
any good jokes. i wonder if you

know french. the french really
have it together. i know this
because of their very long and
reasonably stable history.

shall i speak of french history?
that's a rhetorical question by
the way, so don't worry about
giving me a grin or something.

maybe i'll just tell you the truth;
all your stuff, especially your face
lessness, makes me feel like i am way
too broke and old fashioned to dally.



J.B. Rowell said...

Those first two stanzas - HA - so good and made me lol. Nice Luc.

Michael Parker said...


Jill said...

i really like this.