Monday, March 13, 2006

age old / i have be come your hands

heart / is

a place no one can talk about / it goes beyond

love / the slick ness of sweat / sweet taste of life

i am not / heart / only stone / cold they say

an anger press ed down / fill ed up / w sad ness

& simple they say / there is nothing to dying

i don't remember being born / i scarce lee

remember / touch / core thing / that / heavy hand

of / now you've for gotten / & i get up & leave

always leaving / once / last time / /

yes / the days are getting long er now / sun shines

over the mountain / air / frozen roads / ice to remind

we st.ill move around / this year / next year / & i keep

next year's plan to my self / no sense sharing with the dead


keros said...

Man- I love those finch copywrited backslashes. As always - what can I say- love your originality-


LKD said...

Reading this, I was reminded of cummings but the poem, the voice is distinctly Finch.

I liked this quite alot.

Does Didi pick the poems that go to IBPC or can we nominate them? I never was sure how the process worked on this board.

Hey, Didi, if you read this, please consider Finch's poem for IBPC this month!

Good good good to read you, Finch.

I'm a big big fan of those back slashes of yours.

luc u! said...

you posted this up here once already didn't you?

i am sick of saying that i like this poem.