Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Siren Song

Listen to the chimes
beneath the waves
break the calm
violet dusk
that slows the hours.

From all the origins of music
nothing is as pleasant
as the ethereal sound of your song
daughter of Neptune,
voice of moon driven rain.

It will outlive my time
as it has all others.
Eternity. Desire. Nimbus.
Be present in my ear
on the last day.

DQ 3/20/06


Pris said...

Hey, good to see your words and you posting again!

keros said...

thanks Pris- likewise.

Michael Parker said...

Hey Keros. I like this. The ocean is enchants me and I like how you capture that aspect of it.

keros said...

Thanks Michael- much appreciated.

Jill said...

this is very haunting and sweet. love it.

keros said...

Jill, thanks for leaving your comment. Its nice to know people actually take the time to read these things.