Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lack of comments on poems

Hey guys
Let's try and least to give it the old college try and read/comment on more things posted here. Let your browser walk down this page and see how many poems go by with no comments at all. They can't all be so bad that they don't warrent some sort of reply. I just now looked at the ones that did have comments and the same very few people have made those. Even many of the poets posting their poems haven't gone down, found one they liked and posted a comment. I honestly think that part of being a blog community is to do that much. What do you say??

d, if this is none of my business, pls feel free to delete. Won't bother me at all.



Michael Parker said...

You're right, Pris. I needed to hear this.

keros said...

I'm not commenting on this.

Terry Lucas said...

Pris, you're absolutely right! I'm getting more involved right now.

Pris said...

hi michael and terry, great!! And it's really good to see more of the old gang get more active. Keros...sigh, there's always a wise guy, eh??:-)

sb said...

Pris, you are, of course, quite right. This is actually one of the reasons I rarely post -- my energy is limited, and I'm uncomfortable posting when I haven't energy to comment on the work of others.

But I sometimes do it, anyway.

Pris said...

I do the same thing, so pls don't feel bad. I've stopped posting on a poetry board just for that reason. I don't think people here ask as much. The blog is filled with seasoned poets , so I scan down the board and when I see one that whammos me, I post to it. I don't ever make it all the way through, so miss good ones, too.