Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sleep (Fantasy Challenge)

Softly, after love
she will float like fragrance
into the shadows of the fallen
carrying traces of me
down the pathless trail.

A drop of my breath
in her lungs for the thirsty.
A taste of my skin
on her lips for the hungry.
I will mourn the body
until it is reclaimed.

She will unfold her wings
under the sheets
and ask me
where I’ve been.

D.Q. 9/13/05


Pris said...

Ahhhh...this poem of longing if lovely. I like especially...carrying traces of me down the pathless trail.

btw, typo is stanza two..

until it's reclaimed (the appostrophe is missing)

keros said...

Thanks Pris!!

gingerivers said...


Michael Parker said...

good write, Keros!