Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Braid (fantasy challenge)

I offered you my braid.
I wanted you to anchor onto my shoulders,
enter me from the back
like a fire horse
on a metal rat.

As the braid becomes undone,
it would spread against my back
and you could rest upon it.

Yesterday I cut my hair like a boy.

Like a boy who was the last offspring
from a long line of sisters.

Today I accept there will not be another after you.

(This poem is dedicated to _. It does not of course qualify for the challenge)


Pris said...

submit this poem somewhere. it's excellent.

didi said...

okay prissy - I will to whom?

Pris said...

Thunder Sandwich is the first one that comes to mind.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Why not? I love this poem.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Yellow Silk still publish?

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Yellow Silk was one of the first, if not the first, to publish high-quality womyn's erotic literature. Mid-70s. Check it out. Must be children of it around. Very crosscultural iconoclastic.

RC said...

Very sexy poem.