Friday, December 30, 2005

When we aren't Enough

When we aren't Enough
--after Where Once the Waters of your Face,
by Dylan Thomas

Where were you blue skies and timber?
A pastoral myth without Pan to honor
our most gutteral truths--this was our
love before the winter and wrists, carved
memories spilled onto tile. There is no faith
when old stories don't hold up after two
bottles of pinot noir. There is no sunset
after the sweeping of the floor, dust
removed from the cracks, while roaches
move in, covering our tracks. Tell me, Love,
who writes these stories?
Who tells me these lies?

Kerry James Evans
Winter 2005


David said...

i like it. maybe the last question could be a little more--unexpected?--but i think it's very well conceived aside from that.

Michelle e o said...

Lovely. These response poems are wonderful.